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Data, Research, Insights

Whether for policy-, strategy- or implementation purposes, reliable data and information are key to decision-making processes. At Hyacint Consult, we offer a solid track-record in collecting data and researching intelligence, from publicly available to hard-to-find resources. Through primary research, including data analysis, surveys and stakeholder engagement, we collect a wide range of insights that will allow to distill those insights needed to take a decision, or argue for action.

Data and technological innovation go hand-in-hand. At Hyacint Consult, we take pride in our tech-savvy approach to trade and sustainability, advising our clients on the data collection and management approach needed to realize sustainability and/or trade management ambitions. Questions to answer include; How can our company gather reliable data to report on those indicators as part of sustainability ambitions and/or (GRI, SASB, EU CSRD) reporting guidelines?

In our collaborations and projects, we partner with researchers across the globe, to offer the deep-dive into local context and realities. Our wide-ranging network of national and international researchers and consultants allows to bring together a diverse range of perspectives that together can realize a coherent and holistic picture on a given situation, presenting the challenges and opportunities at play.

Our track-record of data, research and insight services includes;

  • Impact-studies and assessments for European Commission

  • Fact-finding research to support narrative and arguments as part of (EU and non-EU) studies and/or position-papers

  • Research papers on trade and sustainability related matters for UN/WTO ITC, CUTS, UNDP, Netherlands Government, and other

  • Support business in data-gathering for trade compliance

  • Support business in research and data collection for supply chain traceability and/or ESG risk identification and management

  • other

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