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Policy & (EU) Public Affairs

Policies and legislative frameworks are increasingly geared towards delivering on a sustainable future, whilst ensuring competitiveness for its businesses, as well as fair, safe and healthy society for it’s people. 

Departing from the core issues of interest, often interlinked, our policy and (EU) public affairs services focus on sustainability, trade and business competitiveness.

Key themes where our team brings a strong track-record and expertise include: 

  • trade in goods and services, including market access and non-tariff barriers such as standards and customs / trade facilitation

  • sustainability, sustainability reporting (CSRD and ESRS standards) and ESG-related matters, with key focus on human rights, climate and environment (CBAM), and anti-corruption

  • sustainable supply chains and sustainability due diligence (CSDDD) as well as forced labour and deforestation initiatives, conflict minerals and (critical) raw materials (CRM)

Whilst Brussels-based and hence a key focus on the European Union (EU) context, our practice team brings strong global experience, specifically emerging markets in Americas, Asia and ACP-countries.  In today's global trading environment, predictability and transparancy remain 

  • Our ‘Policy and (EU) Public Affairs’ service offering includes

    • (EU) Policy monitoring on key issues of interest for business and/or sector associations, including public affairs strategy development, political intelligence, advocacy and policy influencing advice, stakeholder engagement;

    • Strategy advise to ensure compliance with (EU) regulations and policies; guiding HQ business and subsidiary entities and teams in their monitoring and implementing (EU) role; 

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