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Policy & (EU) Public Affairs

Policies and legislative frameworks are increasingly geared towards delivering on a sustainable future, whilst ensuring competitiveness for its businesses, as well as fair, safe and healthy society for it’s people. Needless to say, policies and regulations impact upon all stakeholders, and need to be developed and monitored in an inclusive manner.

At Hyacint Consult we guide effective and inclusive policy-making, policy-awareness, policy-influencing with a focus on sustainability, trade and business competiteveness.

Our core expertise is policy and public affairs in the European Union (EU) context, as well as non-EU context, specifically emerging markets where business environment and sustainability realities demand enhanced policy frameworks or solutions to policy and legislative challenges.

  • Our ‘Policy and (EU) Public Affairs’ service offering includes

    • Public affairs strategy development, political intelligence, policy monitoring, advocacy and strategic advice, stakeholder engagement, advocacy campaigns (incl social media);

    • Strategy advise on implementing (EU) policies into business / organisation environment.

  • Our offering is centered around the following (policy) expertise areas: sustainability, trade and customs, internal market, raw materials, food and agriculture, human rights, environment, due diligence.

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