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Webinars and events

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

At Hyacint Consult we regularly organise and/or contribute to seminars, conferences and events around global trade and responsible value chains. Find below an overview of upcoming and past events:

Upcoming events

Title: Borderlex Trade & Environment Academy

Date and time: 25 April 2023, Brussels (Belgium)

Organisers: Borderlex

Registration: See the link for registration


Join Hyacint Consult expert Famke Schaap, Borderlex colleagues and a team of trade experts for this year's edition of Borderlex Trade Academy. With a wide range of trade and sustainability related legislation initiated by the European Commission, this Trade Academy will equip you with the policy insights needed to guide your business or organisation with regards to anticipation, compliance and/or adjustment in a dynamic global trading environment.

At this Borderlex Academy attendees will be able to:

  • Understand the dynamics shaping the ‘greening’ of EU trade policy and the new questions of EU and global trade governance it raises as well as global supply chain compliance and management challenges

  • Come to grips with the ins and outs of key EU legislation that is coming on stream in 2023

    • carbon border adjustment

    • corporate sustainability due diligence

    • deforestation

Don't hesitate to reach out for questions! (Contact us through:

Previous events

Title: (Online Event) 'Responsible minerals supply chains: using individual efforts and collective partnerships for impact: Learnings from pension funds and automotive industry'

Date: 21 March

Organisers: Terre des Hommes, MN Pension Asset Manager, SER (Dutch RBC Secretariat), Hyacint Consult

Event link: See the Eventbrite link


To support the transition to responsible supply chains, this online debate aimed to facilitate an exchange of perspectives and best practices on the implementing challenges and opportunities of sustainability due diligence in minerals supply chains. More particularly, the debate provided participants with a chance to gain insights into the business trend toward responsible sourcing of minerals, combining individual sustainability due diligence, with collective partnerships that support improved traceability, ESG risk and impact management. The experience of Dutch RBC Agreements will be showcased, and the role of investors and CSO’s will be focused upon to drive and accompany this change to responsible supply chains.

Some insights from the online event include:

· The combined approach of individual and collective sustainability due diligence can support business and other supply chain actors to manage sustainability risk and impact (both negative and positive) in minerals supply chains;

· Through engagement with supply chain actors (horizontal or throughout the vertical supply chain), including NGO’s, Governments and other stakeholders, companies can leverage local networks and (ESG specific) insights to identify and manage upstream risks to prevent negative impact;

· Continuous stakeholder engagement is an essential part of a business’ individual efforts towards sustainability due diligence, and may equally contribute to addressing systemic development issues and contribute to positive impact.

· Collective partnerships with NGO’s, business and supply chain actors, international and/or local partners can support a ‘beyond compliance’ approach, by addressing systemic issues and development challenges that remain a reality at the upstream side of the supply chain, impacting environment and lives of people in communities.


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