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Sustainable supply chains: from policy to practice. 

Guiding corporate responsibility: from policy and ambitions to action

At Hyacint Consult, we bring decades of experience in sustainability, and trade in global supply chains, including in high-risk and developing country contexts. We connect brands to supply chain realities and risks, from human rights, to environment and living wages. We equally guide clients on trade and market access issues in the EU as well as global and emerging markets. 

Our services on corporate responsibility are geared towards guiding clients, by connecting strategy to the practical implementation of risk and impact management.  We support anticipation of new or recently in force sustainability legislative frameworks, and help to drive sustainability change across the business. To ensure compliance (and beyond!) with human rights and environmental standards along supply chains, and enhance the value and reputation of the organization and of the products and services sold.

Departing from your sustainability goals and objectives, we advise with supply chain realities in mind; our work is built around potential and real ESG risks and impact on communities, people and the environment. We take context sensitivity as point of departure, especially when sourcing takes place in a high-risk and/or developing country location, and/or communities

Our solutions for Sustainable supply chains and due diligence

At Hyacint Consult, we bring solid insights into the risks and realities challenges at play in assessing sustainable practices across supply chains in a broad range of geographies, and with an eye for sourcing and community realities. Most importantly, we know what it takes to optimise your responsible value chain program, and/or solve challenges faced related to sustainability in global supply chains.

Our expert team offers particular expertise in guiding companies towards Sustainable Supply Chains and Sustainability Due diligence.


Our advisory work on Sustainable Supply Chains generally entails a combination of supportive actions, and encompasses 5 service lines: 













Would you like to learn more? Download our dedicated brochure on 'Responsible Value Chains advisory services'. 

Depending on the commodity, we support alignment with applicable industry standards as well as legislative frameworks

Moreover, our approach is grounded in OECD MNE Guidelines, UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and our experts are experienced in applying IFC Reporting Standards for specific ESG risks to be assessed.

Responsible value chains sustainability due diligence
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