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Anticipating EU 'Sustainability due diligence' legislation

Insights and advisory on new ESG Due Diligence legislation in EU and US. 

Analysis and set of recommendations related to the EU context and trend towards sustainability legislation focusing on human rights and agriculture imports.

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Sierra Leone Agri-sector: advocacy skills and strategy for trade competitiveness

Strategic advise, training and capacity building on
policy advocacy and dialogue for improved trade competitiveness.

Sierra Leone’s agri-sector value chains, including cocoa, palm oil and cassava, needed to step up their skills and efforts to advocate for an better business environment and more sustainable management of farms.

Stacked Steel Rods

Responsible sourcing of minerals - guiding due diligence implementation  

Insights into company due diligence risks and current practices, as a basis for advising and guiding towards a responsible sourcing strategy and roadmap. Supported implementation 

Supported a global and Korean steel manufacturing company towards enhanced responsible minerals management policy, strategy and due diligence implementation.