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At Hyacint Consult, our range of client services encompass insights, policy and (EU) Government Affairs, corporate responsibility advise from strategy to implementation, insights and training and capacity building. Our key experts bring 15 years of policy and practice in the EU and outside the EU, with focus on emerging markets. 

Our fields of expertise include:

  • responsible value chains and sustainability due diligence

  • competitiveness and global trade

  • sustainable development and capacity 


Through our integrated perspectives, we bridge the perspectives on policies and business realities, with a focus on ensuring competitiveness whilst respecting societal and environmental boundaries and impact

Our services are categorized in four types:

Policy &
(EU) Public Affairs

We help organisations to understand, anticipate, position and deal with new and existing (EU) policies and meaningfully engage with key stakeholders.

Strategy &

We partner with business, government and civil society to accompany their journey in global and responsible supply chains, with a focus on trade and sustainability

Data, Research,

We support data-collection and conduct research analysis to fill knowledge gaps and take informed decisions.

Training and
Capacity Building

We provide bespoke training and coaching services to upgrade skills and knowledge in key areas of interest.

Explore our expertise areas

Feel free to contact us to discuss your project and we will explore how our expertise can help you achieving your goals

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