Our mission is to support organizations in their trade and sustainability journeys. At Hyacint Consult, we guide our clients in global trade and sustainable supply chains, towards meeting economic goals, whilst living up to (ESG-related) responsibilities and expectations as a corporate citizen.

Hyacint Consult was founded in 2019 by Famke Schaap to provide trade and sustainability expertise in global value chains. Part of the mission of Hyacint Consult is that each client journey is developed to in support business and societal impact: combining economic goals, whilst ensuring that (ESG-related) responsibilities as a corporate citizen are met.


Guiding a team of highly qualified associate experts, Famke brings +15 years experience in working with all stakeholders across supply chains, from business to governments, international organisations and societal players.

With a physical presence in the European capital of Brussels (Belgium), Hyacint Consult brings key insights, trends and changes in the EU and their member states. Building on numerous client assignments in the EU and emerging markets, Hyacint Consult offers strong network and (local) expertise in global and emerging markets, including EU, US, China, Eastern Europe, CIS-countries, (South-East ) Asia, and wider Africa.


Hyacint Consult brings together a team of highly dynamic, diverse and professional partners and associate experts. 

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Founder and Partner

Founding partner of Hyacint Consult, Famke brings 15 years of experience in trade and sustainability in global value chains. She worked on numerous corporate client assignments, and previously serves as Business and Trade policy adviser at UN/WTO International Trade Centre, as Director Global Trade at Deloitte Belgium. Famke is former (Dutch) trade diplomat and worked closely with European Commission on trade and sustainability related assignments.


Experienced in policy and strategy development and implementation in relation to strategic trade and sustainability risk and impact in a context of fast-changing global supply chains.

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ESG Experts, Sustainability Consultants, Program Managers

Specifically for your projects, we propose the right consultants at the right time.

They all bring key experience in trade matters with and sourcing from emerging markets, and a local perspective and network, such as in Africa, SE Asia, Eastern Europe. Depending on the assignment, Hyacint Consult will propose experts with relevant skills and expertise, including in the field of trade (policy), human rights and environmental Due Diligence to support an upstream perspective on global supply chains.